Zephyr DX – Air curtain for any heatpump system Heating and Cooling

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The Zephyr DX air curtain from Tekadoor was developed especially for use in combination with an existing heatpump system. Established refrigeration technologies are applied here. The Zephyr DX unit gives the option to blow warm air in winterand cold air in summer, in connection with an external heat
pump. The Zephyr DX is equipped with a refrigerant coil and a condensate tray (for up to 2 condensers) as standard. All electrical connections for controling the unit by the customer are on the terminal block.The air curtain can also be provided with a second refrigerant coil, electric or warm water heat exchanger. This ensures that the Zephyr DX air curtain operates with sufficient heated air even in very cold environments to provide an effective air curtain.


In addition to the previously described function, the Zephyr DX air curtain can also be used to optimise room temperatures. In winter the warm air produced by the air curtain prevents draughts in the entrance area of a building, because the air flow works as a barrier and keeps the cold air outside.
In summer the Zephyr DX air curtain will provide cooled air and keep the inside of the room comfortably cold. The warm air current in winter and the cold air current in summer avoids air exchange and thereby results in considerable energy savings.



Zephyr DX Heating and Cooling
Zephyr DX air curtain in combination with any heatpump system for all established cooling agents (R410a,R407c) is available in 5 versions:
Zephyr DX-H : heating only- no condensate tray, no condensate pump.
Zephyr DX: heating and cooling- with condensate tray (condensate pump optional).
Zephyr DX-DX : as per Zephyr DX, but with an additional DX condenser.
Zephyr DX-W : as per Zephyr DX, but with an additional hot water LPHW heat exchanger for extra heating during low outdoor temperature.
Zephyr DX-E : as per Zephyr DX-E, but with additional electrical heat exchanger.


On request Tekadoor air curtains can be supplied with energy saving EC motors. By using these EC motors running costs of air curtains can be reduced by 40% compared with units using conventional motors.