ZEPHYR COOL – Cold store air curtains

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– Cold storage and deep freeze rooms lose unnessecary large amounts of energy when their doors are opened because of the cold air flowing outwards and warm air flowing inwards. Besides this loss of energie other problems occur, such as: a rise in room temperature, fog and ice buildup.
– A ZEPHYR COOL is an economical and effictive solution to keep the cold air inside and the warm air outside. This results in substantial savings in energy costs, due to the availabitly to keep temperature and humidity of the room at the same level whilst the doors are opened.
– By preventing the buildup of ice and having a continue free view through the entrance will ensure employee safety.
– The ZEPHYR COOL air curtain is straightforward to install and easy to maintain, resulting in limited operating costs and a quick payback period.
– A ZEPHYR COOL air curtain helps to keep the temperature stable and reduces the amount of energy used.
A stable temperature is required according the European HACCP-directives.
– Quick Delivery- All TEKADOOR air curtains have a short lead time.