ZEPHYR – Air Curtains 

 Tekadoor-Zephyr-BG.pdf   – 1,022.74 KB (Въздушни завеси ZEPHYR – брошура_BG)

Supplied with 60/40° C or 80/60° C warm water heater or electric heating as standard.
The outlet vane can be adjusted in five positions. The outlet vanes can be adjusted to suit different indoor requirements:
• Vertical air flow
• At 10° and 15° inwards, for use in the heating season
• At 10° and 15° outwards, for use when air conditioning is operating.


– The electronic controller is suitable for connection to a solenoid valve and allows summer or winter operation for year round comfort. Can be connected to a building management system (if required).
– A two or three-way valve can be easily connected to the warm water connections.
– Installation kits supplied assembled for units for ceiling void (BP) and flush with ceiling units (GP).
– Dust particles go no further than the micro perforated inlet grille which is easily cleaned by either wiping clean with a dry cloth or vacuuming.