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Tubeless steam generators VPR are the result of considerable experience acquired by Garioni Naval in costruction of traditional steam boiler. They are ideal for small and medium size plants where medium pressure (up to 10 bar) steam is required. Their particular tubeless design ensures standards of safety and realibility which have received considerable acclaim from our customers. Our tubeless steam generators are ideal for garment industries, dry cleaning, ironing shops, saunas, and all industrial processes where high reliability is required.

Tubeless steam generators. Steam production from 50 up to 500 Kg/h.
Their main characteristics are:
• Limited overall dimensions.
• Easy cleaning and inspection, both from smoke and
water sides.
• High efficiency.
• GN Monitoring System double insulation.
Our generators are supplied complete with electrical panel, valves, feed water units, safety and regulation devices. We can supply, on request, burners feed water and condensate tanks. VPR steam generators are of vertical type, using pressurized burners. They can use gas and diesel oil fuel. To increase combustion efficiency, improving heat exchange and reducing unburned residues, a special stainless steel skirt is used. Furnace and body are separated by a sheet of water. A special steam dryer is installed in the boiler body.
Our products are manufactured in compliance with the main European standards.