OPTIMUM DX – Air curtain for all seasons Heating and cooling Coanvara flow-nozzle

 Tekadoor-OptimumDX-BG.pdf   – 902.10 KB (Въздушни завеси Optimum DX – брошура_BG)

The air curtain Optimum DX has been designed specially to function in combination with an air conditioner. For this, use is made of proven technology from the refrigeration sector.
Optimum DX is able to expel both hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer, as the air curtain operates in combination with a condenser unit.
In addition, the air curtain Optimum DX can be fitted with a second heat exchanger, which may be either an electrical or a hot water exchanger. This means that, even the coldest spells, sufficient hot air can be exhausted to create an effective air curtain.
In addition to acting as an air curtain, the Optimum DX can be used to optimize the indoor temperature.
In winter, the hot air from the air curtain ensures that no draughts arise at entrances; the heated exhaust air flow separates the indoor space from the cold outside air.
In summer, the air curtain is used for cooling. In this case, the hot outdoor air is kept separate from the cooled indoor air, while the indoor air is cooled at the same time. By using the hot air flow in the winter and the cool air flow in the summer, mixing of air is prevented, thus resulting in considerable energy savings.