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Over 5000 units installed in every field of industry, from laundries to large chemical pharmaceutical, textile and mechanical factories have brillantly solved the problem of steam production at low costs. In the range of the model for producing steam power from 120 up to 8000 Kg/h, you can find the most suitable for your needs or realize high power plants with several units working simultaneously. GMT e GMT/V generators are forced circulation steam boilers based on the La Mont principIe, according to which water, forced by one or several pumps, circulates through pipes forming the heated surface. This surface is divided into three sections. The first one forms the economizer which takes care of the water preheating until it reaches the evaporation temperature. The second one is the vaporizer where the water is transformed into steam. The third is the steam dryer, which dryes the water drops still floating.

High efficiency and low NOx. Horizontal steam generators. Steam production from 120 up to 8.000 Kg/h. Pressure from 10 up to 100 bar.

The reverse current heat exchange between water, steam and products of combustion, the deriving turbolent motions, the velocity of the fluids kept as constant as possible with the variation of the opening sections, allow to obtain a particulary efficient thermal transfer. The size of the furnace is designed on the average of all commercial burners. This grants both an extremely high efficiency (same or more than 90%) without preheaters or economizers, and Ionger life to the generators, even under the toughest working conditions. The utiIization of conventional combustion systems grants a quick and cheaper service to the costumer, anywhere in the world. GMT e GMT/V are steam generators designed for modern industry, to produce steam with the highest performance and the cheapest operating costs. GMT e GMT/V generators are delivered after the fire inspection performed by the manufacturer. Two steps burners and progressive modulated regulation burners with automatic range varying
from 30 up to 100 % can be installed. The generators can be supplied with inspection by: