Gas-fired heaters 

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The mobile Kroll gas-fired heaters are just the right solution wherever shall be heated promptly and inexpensively during the cold seasons.
• At work-places in the building trade or for drying up new buildings
• In agricultural buildings for cattlebreeding or in poultry farms
• In horticulture supporting the cultivation of useful and ornamental plants
• As protection against freezing in warehouses
• In order to diminish loads of snow on tent roofs
• For heating in marquees and for many more purposes…


Kroll gas-fired heaters are…

…environmentally beneficial.
By nature gas is an ecologically beneficial fuel. Kroll gas-fired heaters burn almost inodorously and are nearly residue-free.
… efficient
The units burn with high efficiency. A room thermostat can be delivered so that energy will be saved.
High manufacturing quality ensures a long live even if operated continuously.
The standard of performance ranges from 10 to 142 kW. This means it is the appropriate unit for any possible place of operation.
Every unit has got a pressure controller. End fittings will be delivered as well. All of them are in accordance with the German Industrial Norm DIN 30697, thus in accordance with the European
Norm CE.
The gas flame is permanently supervised by thermocouples. The gas supply stops immediately as soon as the gas flame would go out. And the thermostat prevents the unit from overheating.
They are compactly constructed and easy to transport. No matter where you want to heat; simply adjust and connect the heater-ready!
…unlikely to require much maintenance
Robust technology and extremely high manufacturing quality ensure flawless operation.

And: You have one year of warranty.

By the way:
Kroll Ltd. applies a certified quality management system to all products and thus meets the requirements of ISO 9001.


Technical data  P30/PX30 VA  P43/PX43 VA  P60/PX60  P80/PX80 VA 
Heating power kW 12,4–31,0 26,6–43,0 35,0–58,0 50,0–82,1
Fitting pressure bar 2,5 3,0 3,0 2,0
Control range of gas pressure bar 0,3–1,5 0,3–2,0 0,3–2,0 0,5–1,5
Fan power m3/h 760 860 1800 2450
Motor power Watt 90 90 110 156
Power connection V/Hz 220/50 220/50 220/50 230/50
Length mm 600 720 810 925
Width mm 375 290 390 370
Height mm 410 440 530 520
Weight kg 11,5 13 20 23
Consumption of
propane / butane kg/h
0,98–2,46 2,1–3,43 2,76–4,61 3,95–6,42
Price (lv.without VAT)  545 / 898 705 / 994 1058 / 1443 1315 / 1860