Assembly System of Flexible Stainless Steel Tubes 

 Cats-Solar-Heating-Cooling-Systems_bg.pdf   – 192.89 KB (CATS система – брошура 1)
 Cats-system_bg.pdf   – 224.53 KB (CATS система – брошура 2)
 Ceni Cats s-ma.pdf   – 171.13 KB (CATS система – цени 2009)

AZ-POKORNY, Czech Republic
The system of stainless steel flexible tubes Cats is designed for inside and outside distribution of gas and water media. It is especially suitable for connecting of the boilers, solar and air conditioning systems, heat pumps, water piping batteries, WC, etc., but also for repairs of the existing installations. Cats-tubes are made from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 L. Both materials could be used for drinkable water and gas.

Parallel waviness enables easy bending of tubes by hand and easy adapting to the concrete requirements without the use of shaped fittings – bends. As an alternative, the terminals could be inductively soldered on tubes according to the wish of the customer. Further advantages are resistance to outdoor effects, creating speed of the connection, easy disassembly and handling, effective economizing with the material and also saving financial costs. High quality material of tubes then guarantees durability and reliability of joints and of the whole mains. By the creating of the tubes it is also possible to slide on isolations or color plastic protectors.